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:: Year: 2007
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Name: Lyra Silvertongue-Belacqua
Age: 12
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Fair
Dæmon: Pantalaimon
Settled Form: Pine Marten


Lyra Belacqua/Silvertongue is the golden haired eleven-year old girl at the core of His Dark Materials. It is her journey from innocence to wisdom that will become the story we have all grown to love. Her beloved daemon, Pantalaimon (who will eventually settle in the form of a pine marten), accompanies her on her journey towards maturity. In the first book she is a brat, a pest, a nuisance, with little or no respect for anyone. She is a child, and acts childishly. She is a talented liar, whose skills at deceit will earn her the name 'Silvertongue' from the bear, Iorek Byrnison. But throughout her experiences, she grows and matures very quickly, which is understandable since she goes through quite a lot. She learns much from Will about silence and discretion, and loses her eagerness to tell lies. She grows far more patient, and far more wise, for she has loved and hated, laughed and cried, lived, and in a way, died. She saw many things and met many people, and she learned a little something about life from each of them. Secretly the daughter of Lord Asriel and Mrs. Marisa Coulter, Lyra is raised by the dusty old scholars of Jordan College. She is content to run wild through the streets of her almost Victorian-like parallel Oxford, with her urchin friends.